Porcelain and Stoneware Pottery by Kathy McDonald 

Creating objects out of clay is an ancient craft. The wonder of seeing a lump of clay transformed into a vessel will always amaze me. The process of pottery making looks deceptively simple , especially when you are watching a skilled potter work at the wheel. I have been fascinated with this process since I first began to play in the *mud* over 20 years ago. 
The art and craft of turning clay into pots is one that is challenging, addictive, creative, rewarding and, at times...... frustrating. Working with clay has been an exciting journey for me. Learning about design, glazes and glaze chemistry, how heat works and ultimately how all of these varibles contribute and interact to leave their mark on a piece of work is a humbling experience. I remain in awe of the process ......clay, glaze and fire combining to produce some exciting and often unexpected results. The reward,for me, is when I open the kiln. Even after 20 years....it's still like Christmas morning every time. 

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