Hi! I just wanted to say a little about myself and about my work, my family and other interests. My pottery is presently a part time venture in my life. I am also Mom to two teenaged kids and my *other* job is as a school clinician here in Brandon, Manitoba. My training is in education,psychology and social work and most recently in art and art therapy. Art is a fantastic medium to help kids learn about themselves and each other and I incorporate it into my counselling work with school aged kids whenever possible. I love music as well, and do play the piano (if and when I have the time). I was raised on a farm here in southwestern Manitoba and my fondest memories are of riding horses and helping my mom to cook for our family of 8. I still love to cook and will eventually feature some of those good "ole" farm recipies on this page. Other interests include my son's hockey (well I AM Canuk EH!) good books to read, and of course computers. Please feel free to browse the gallery and to check out the work of some other friends and artists featured on this page. Kathy